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Baker Street started as an analog advertising agency in March of 1998 in Opelika, Alabama. Back then the business was named Northstar Advertising, Inc. A strong background in print design and production spurred the business forward. A year in business and a video production arm was built and commercials were airing. Traditional mass marketing was the name of the game. Analytics were a thing of the future and most campaigns were never adequately quantified for effectiveness. With that inadequate data proposition, Baker Street was born. The quest to provide clients with a measurable and evolving campaign system is currently the driving force.



Provide our clients with a measurable campaign experience. Through A-B testing and analytical data coupled with creative imagery and messaging, our commitment is service excellence. We use three words to stay on track MESSAGE - METRICS - REPEAT.

Map of Opelika

Big Ideas From a Small Town

You see, it isn't where you are but rather what you can do. And from the small confines of Opelika we can do a lot. Practically the totality of human knowledge can be found with a few keystrokes strung together. We have always felt that small town life frees our minds to think and create. It does.

Our goal is to remain in this small town and reach out to visionary businesses around the world. To collaborate with creative minds and strive to continually learn. Ultimately all of our knowledge combines to provide our clients with big ideas from a small town.


Create a compelling message that resonates with your audience, easier said than done...first you have to use the voice they will listen to then pick where they will hear it. A good way to remember this is "Voice & Channel". It pays off to craft the message, not just toss it out there willy nilly. No one likes the babbler at a dinner party.


Message sent. Now we roll up our shirt sleeves and analyze performance. This is where the magic happens. If necessary adjust message and re-deploy.


One size does not fit all. Digital media and your online audiences are continually shifting. Armed with this information, your digital media campaign is treated as a living, breathing being that needs much attention. MESSAGE - METRICS- REPEAT.


Web Development

Sure you have a website. Does it work for you or sit there quietly, influencing no one? Baker Street believes your website doesn't deserve a free ride, it should work hard for you.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing earns the attention of your customers, makes you easy to be found, and draws customers to your website by producing interesting content.

Text Campaigns

A mobile phone is a wonderful way to communicate with an audience that has indicated they prefer this method. Baker Street develops text campaigns that are lean and measurable.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Baker Street makes sure those thousand words are good ones. Carry on.

Google Advertising

Baker Street is a Certified Google Partner, with a Certified AdWords Professional on staff. This means that we know the best ways to plan and manage campaigns across the Google Advertising Network.

Social Media

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine and the next big thing are on the radar at Baker Street. Our surveillance dashboards allow us to monitor countless campaign streams and keywords.


Before your message can be developed, Baker Street performs the thankless job of researching the market. Diligence pays off, and you'll thank us later.


TV advertising has been the workhorse of the industry for decades. Baker Street has the capability to craft and deliver your message to the masses.


At the end of the day it comes down to information. It's what drives the campaign. We reason and analyze this information and use it to adjust our flight.

Behind every good agency there are good humans.

Say hello to the team

Member Image - Trey Gafford

Trey Gafford

Creative Director

25+ years experience in design. Specialties include web development, SEO, analytics, film & video, graphic design, copywriting.

Member Image - Dana Gafford

Dana Gafford


The best photographer on the planet, in our opinion. Specialties include, panoramic photography, architectural and commercial.

Member Image - placeholder

David Holloman

Account Executive

David's outlook on life is truly inspiring, from his fun-loving personality to his passion in making a difference for his clients.

Member Image - Megan Vail

Megan Vail

Art Director

Megan is our in-house geek. She melds graphic design with her own brand of nerdy awesome for a winning web-coding combo.

Member Image - Katy Caswell

Katy Caswell

Digital Media Director

With a passion for learning new things, and a head for analytics, Katy is well on her way to becoming a Baker Street Ninja!

Member Image - Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

Design Intern

Jamie is an Auburn student, and a career designer with a passion for advertising. His mad type skillz take ads to a whole new level.

Member Image - Hannah Rowlett

Hannah Rowlett

Design Intern

Another Auburn University student, Hannah is a talented designer, dedicated to learning how design and advertising work together.

Member Image - Brooke Starnes

Brooke Starnes

Digital Media Analyst

Brooke is our resident digital media guru, with a dash of social media awesome thrown in!

Member Image - placeholder



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